Astrology brought up to date

Astrology has been with us since the earliest records were kept and has more than withstood the test of time.  Today it stands firm against powerful computers that can collect and store data.  Thankfully, computers can now be used to provide evidence for the good of astrology, they are assisting by simply recording masses of data which will ensure the credibility of Astrology is realised by all.

Early modern day scientists, could not explain how the science of Astrology worked so they frowned upon it and pretended it didn't work and called it rubbish and branded people who studied it as 'lunatics' or just plain ' mad' and in their ignorance many still do.  Now is surely the time to put the tools of technology to work to find out, not if it works, but why and how it works and what else can we learn from it.  Astrology can benefit all and we would like to be given the chance here at birthsigns to help people experience those benefits. 

Take a very valuable commodity which has to be a concern to all of us, OUR HEALTH !  We have on this web site by kind permission of the author the results of a study commissioned by Dr. Vernon Coleman.  This study is based on 1,643 separate pieces of information supplied by 367 respondents in the autumn of 1999. 

The results obtained in this study seem to leave no room for doubt: your date of birth, and the astrological sign under which you were born, do seem to have a significant impact on the type of diseases or ailment to which you are most likely to be susceptible.   

My conclusion is simple: the astrology-health link is a significant one and in this area alone, understanding the strength's and weaknesses of your birth sign, can bring a benefit to all.  Surely, even the biggest skeptics (and I was one, until I started to study Astrology many years ago) will have a hard time explaining the results of this and many other survey's.  The message is simple, we can no longer ignore the benefits Astrology has to offer. 

Proven medical findings which relate to Astrology