Psychologists have said when you first meet someone it take s on average 4 mins to know if you both get on!!...find out why , how to find the best partner in business or romance here.

Aquarius in Relationships

For more accurate results a personalised 'synastry' analysis which combines the birth data for your chart with that of another's should be drawn up.  This is a better way to highlight the trends and the tendencies for a relationship be it for Business, Friendship or Romance.  

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Relationships with people who have the same Sun sign as yourself often go well initially.   Common ground is established and is usually the cause of the attraction in the first place.  However, it is equally likely to cause the most challenge to a long lasting relationship.  This is because each person has a similar outlook on life and therefore needs to find new experiences with which to grow and develop.  The positions of the Ascendant, Moon, and the rest of the planets at birth will play an important role for both people.

Once Aquarius meets the right person they are capable of a much affection, romance and idealisms for the relationship.  They can easily be classed as the archetypal ‘old romantic’s of the zodiac.  They make a big fuss of their partners and introduce them to all of their friends and there will be quite a few.  Aquarius is a social animal and will have many friends in all walks of life but there will only ever be a few who Aquarius will regard as being a really close friend. 

Aquarius is often classed as detached, aloof and incapable of focusing their attention on one person.  This is only partly true and usually because that brilliant mind is elsewhere thinking out abstract ideas for the future.  Aquarians do tend to live in their minds a lot but when they do come down to ground and you are the subject of their attention the results can be 'electric'. Aquarians of both sexes can be passionate in a unique way, almost as if they extend their hand to you and invite you to join with them physically and mentally for a magical journey into future realms’.

Aquarius can expect too much of their relationship, it is said they live in a world 50 years in advance and do become bitterly disappointed and grieved when their beloved's human frailties become apparent.  The consequent disillusionment can give rise to much unhappiness until the partners become adjusted to one another by the process of time.

Good friends are often born under the same sign or at any rate belong to the same element.  Aquarius is an air sign which means that Aquarians get on well with the other air signs, Libra and Gemini. 

If you ask an Aquarian friend for a word of advice or his or her opinion, you will get a straightforward, honest answer.  If this upsets you he or she will not shed a tear with you in sympathy.  Nor will he or she try to change you.   An Aquarian thinks it is your problem and your responsibility, and in return would not want anyone to try to run their life for them.

If you make friends with an Aquarian you will find them to be very loyal.  They are unmoved by gossip, they may listen to your enemies having a bitch about you out of sheer curiosity, but you can safely assume that he or she will rely on his or her own judgement rather than others.  Aquarians are independent people and because of this may find it difficult to establish an emotional tie.  This is usually because the more selfish and possessive signs demand more attention from their partners.   However, providing Aquarius finds the right type of person who is understanding, capable and sensible, the personal relationships can be very successful. 

If you fall for an Aquarian, your chances will be greater if you are also best friends. Should you by any chance be planning on spending the rest of your life on a desert island together with the Aquarian of your dreams, you will probably find yourself rowing out there on your own.  Aquarians cherish their independence, so there is no point in fooling yourself that you can have one all to yourself. On the other hand, Aquarians are happy to let you have your own friends and interests without interfering. They are not at all inclined to jealousy.

If you want to hold on to your Aquarian then you mustn't be jealous or possessive.  Never say: 'You can't do that what would other people think?' if you do, you can start looking for someone else straight away.  With children, they are supportive but may find it difficult to cope with the messy emotional side of things.  

Aquarius, here is where to look for your most harmonious partnerships in friendship and/or marriage.  Try looking for people whose birthdays fall on or between the following dates:-  

Here are the lucky birth dates your 'Soul Mate' is most likely to be born under:-

May 21st and June 21st and between September 21st and October 21st.

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Psychologists have said when you first meet someone it take s on average 4 mins to know if you both get on!!...find out why , how to find the best partner in business or romance here.