Psychologists have said when you first meet someone it take s on average 4 mins to know if you both get on!!...find out why , how to find the best partner in business or romance here.

Virgo in Relationships

For more accurate results a personalised 'synastry' analysis which combines the birth data for your chart with that of another's should be drawn up.  This is a better way to highlight the trends and the tendencies for a relationship be it for Business, Friendship or Romance.  

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Relationships with people who have the same Sun sign as yourself often go well initially.   Common ground is established and is usually the cause of the attraction in the first place.  However, it is equally likely to cause the most challenge to a long lasting relationship.  This is because each person has a similar outlook on life and therefore needs to find new experiences with which to grow and develop.  The positions of the Ascendant, Moon, and the rest of the planets at birth will play an important role for both people.

Virgo subjects are well suited to married life, being dutiful faithful and proud of their family, though usually they are quite undemonstrative. The happiness of their union may depend upon their ability to control their proclivity for criticism and fault-finding. Virgoan's are very loyal in relationships and fond of their family, although this love may not manifest itself openly but rather in private. They may be self-effacing or even devalue themselves by feeling unworthy. A more common fault would be to over-criticize, but in the main they are caring sound partners.

A great deal of time and attention will be paid to the home to keep it nice, but care should be exercised so that standards are not kept too high. Virgos are very considerate people, and therefore make good friends, especially if you have problems and need some consoling.  They are also very perceptive and so you would do well to consider any advice they give you. It is probably quite sensible.

However, it can sometimes be a bit tiresome having a Virgoan friend because they are so critical. He or she will pick at your wildest plans until you have been convinced that they are no good and you might as well drop them. A positive Virgoan trait is their sense of humour but you can save your dirty jokes for other people.

If you are a woman who has fallen in love with a Virgo, do not expect him to stand serenading you outside the house every night.  On the other hand you can be almost certain that he will never forget your birthday, or make you wait for him under the clock for half an hour, just because he had to watch the end of a football match on TV, If he says he is coming at a certain time, he'll be there. 

Virgo people arc very touchy, so if you manage to get invited to his house, and you are asked to stay for dinner, do remember all your best table manners. Virgos are sticklers for that sort of thing. And if his mother should also happen to be a Virgo, she will like you instantly and consider you to be the ideal partner for her son if you polish off your food so your plate looks as though the dog has licked it clean just as long as you don't lick it yourself!

Men who are trying to impress a Virgo woman should not let themselves be led to mistake the Virgo sense of humour for an interest in farting and belching competitions!  Any attempt in that direction will meet with instant rejection. And you will not fare much better if you try telling the latest dirty jokes.

A Virgo man is not likely to succumb to the allure of the topless girl on the beach. He is more likely to offer her his jumper, thinking that she may be freezing.  However, many Virgo people love to flirt and they are good at it but that does not mean that you are destined for a long term partnership. In fact, there is evidence to prove, that more Virgos remain single than any of the other sun signs.  But if you do manage to hook a Virgo, which can be very difficult because they are so critical, then you can count on a very faithful and stable partner for life.  

Virgo, here is where to look for your most harmonious partnerships in friendship and/or marriage.  Try looking for people whose birthdays fall on or between the following dates:-  

Here are the lucky birth dates your 'Soul Mate' is most likely to be born under:-

April 21st and May 21st and between December 21st and January 21st

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Psychologists have said when you first meet someone it take s on average 4 mins to know if you both get on!!...find out why , how to find the best partner in business or romance here.