Psychologists have said when you first meet someone it take s on average 4 mins to know if you both get on!!...find out why , how to find the best partner in business or romance here.

Aries in Relationships

For more accurate results a personalised 'synastry' analysis which combines the birth data for your chart with that of another's should be drawn up.  This is a better way to highlight the trends and the tendencies for a relationship be it for Business, Friendship or Romance.  

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Relationships with people who have the same Sun sign as yourself often go well initially.   Common ground is established and is usually the cause of the attraction in the first place.  However, it is equally likely to cause the most challenge to a long lasting relationship.  This is because each person has a similar outlook on life and therefore needs to find new experiences with which to grow and develop.  The positions of the Ascendant, Moon, and the rest of the planets at birth will play an important role for both people.

Aries are not easy to get on with in a close personal relationship.  Being a cardinal dynamic, starter sign they are leaders of others and there is no exception to the rule in their relationships.  Moreover, they seem quite at a loss to understand the psychology of the other sex and often lack the necessary tact, which can cause a lot of pain.  But they are unaware this is the case most of the time and will always rise in arms to defend their spouse and children from the attacks of other people.  They are excellent providers for their families and in providing for their own comforts. 

A little known tendency, which seems a contradiction in terms, Aries folk often suffer acutely through their affections and feelings but as you can see one would never suspect this by the seemingly thoughtless actions they make.  Their intense pride impels them to appear unmoved.  Nevertheless Arian women often gain a distinct advantage, socially and financially, as a result of a close partnership or marriage.

In close personal relationships, Arians are very sexual and can be very passionate.  A friend of mine once told me this about her Arian boyfriend of some 5 years, who I have also known as a friend for some time, (she was a Virgo, but not for long, I Gest, seriously Virgo and Aries is an unlikely combination but they have made it work successfully)  “he doesn’t think of a goodnight kiss and a cuddle its just got to be sex, sex, sex if I so much as get close to him in bed”  I am sure this was not exactly true but it serves well to indicate the Arian sexual nature.  Aries men look for a strong partner. Arian women are equally demanding and often prefer a career to being at home, although the two can be combined, providing there are no adverse influences elsewhere on a person's chart.

There are two types of Arians those that are faithful and those who are continually moving on to new relationships and challenges.  As parents, Arians in the main will encourage their children in a variety of activities.  It can however be all too easy for the Arian parent to run out of patience and become angry which can overshadow the wishes of the child, and that can easily result in discord.  If you have an Arian as a friend there is no chance of getting bored, because he or she will be on the move all the time. Arians love a lot of social life and usually know lots of people.

Here is a finding, Arians are also rather naïve and find it hard to distinguish between real friends and those who just hang around to see what benefits they can get from their Arian associate.  Sometimes, Arians may fall hook line and sinker for someone in a close personal relationship but wind up being very disappointed when they are let down.

Arians are very faithful to their friends and are willing to do a lot for them, but they also get very disappointed, annoyed and frustrated and sometimes angry if their efforts are not appreciated.  It is usually great fun having an Arian as a partner.  He or she will be enthusiastic and very romantic, but it may prove difficult to hold on to an Arian, as they do not like being tied down and they get bored very quickly and always like something new.  There ideal would be to have several partners at the same time (chance would be a fine thing).  On the other hand, they get furious and very jealous if their partners have the same idea. 

Here is another observation, only an Arian will recognise deep down.  I say this because of the natural outer, extroverted leadership qualities which are displayed and which others see often do not tell the full story.  Deep down the Arian is pretty insecure, so if you are in love with one, you must remember that he or she has a great need to be reminded frequently of your love.   

Aries, here is where to look for your most harmonious partnerships in friendship and/or marriage.  Try looking for people whose birthdays fall on or between the following dates  

Here are the lucky birth dates your 'Soul Mate' is most likely to be born under:-

July 21st and August 21st

 and between, November 21st and December 21st.

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Psychologists have said when you first meet someone it take s on average 4 mins to know if you both get on!!...find out why , how to find the best partner in business or romance here.