Psychologists have said when you first meet someone it take s on average 4 mins to know if you both get on!!...find out why , how to find the best partner in business or romance here.

Leo in Relationships

For more accurate results a personalised 'synastry' analysis which combines the birth data for your chart with that of another's should be drawn up.  This is a better way to highlight the trends and the tendencies for a relationship be it for Business, Friendship or Romance.  

We can draw a comprehensive chart for you here, just click on the 'services' link and then the 

'Friends and Lovers Compatibility Guide'.

Relationships with people who have the same Sun sign as yourself often go well initially.   Common ground is established and is usually the cause of the attraction in the first place.  However, it is equally likely to cause the most challenge to a long lasting relationship.  This is because each person has a similar outlook on life and therefore needs to find new experiences with which to grow and develop.  The positions of the Ascendant, Moon, and the rest of the planets at birth will play an important role for both people.

Leo folk excel in a close personal relationship and make the finest marriage partners going.  They make good parents and loyal friends and are very generous and kind and considerate people.  There, thatís the £10 they gave me to say that out of the way now on to the real stuff.  Seriously, they are good to have as friends.  Leo, so often associated with royalty and this is because they donít govern people they rule over them.  A little unknown or unrealised fact is that they may be deceived and led into doing wrong by people who play on their sentiments.   In love and marriage they make many errors and suffer deeply from them.  They are prone to mistake pity and sympathy for love, and may realise their error when too late, but their natural generosity and forbearance often save their married life from shipwreck.

To their partners Leonianís will be affectionate but their strong will and urge to lead can make them rather domineering. However, they can be very sensitive, and criticism can cut deeply.  As parents, Leonianís understand and encourage their children and will do anything to ensure they are not unhappy.  However, they are not over-compliant and often associate with traditional values when it comes to behaviour and education.

If you have fallen for a Leo man and you want to attract his attention, then you just have to flatter him and turn yourself into a willing audience.  In return you will get a real gentleman, who will protect you like a gallant knight and perform great deeds for your sake.  Well its not quite as easy as that but you get the picture.  Be careful they are very sceptical and will not be deceived easily.

Leoís are incredibly vain, and if you start offending him he will back off.  If you were a teacher of a class of children of the age when they have just discovering the attraction of the opposite sex, then you can always tell which members of your class were Leonian.  They would always be the ones to fall in love first and most often.  In adult life, it is similar but not as smooth sailing as that, because they are either up in the clouds or down in the dumps and their mood can change frequently in the course of one day.

A Leo woman knows just what she wants and will not settle for the first man who happens to come along.  If you are a man who has fallen in love with a Leo woman, there is one thing for sure, you will have to face a lot of competition.  Leoís are popular so if you have an inferiority complex you will have your work cut out to capture a Leo.  Leos love to be in the centre of things and the constant focus of attention.  So it is not always easy to have a Leo as a friend, since you must expect to stand on the sidelines.

I know I am not going to be popular by saying this but many Leo girls choose to be friends with girls who are less pretty or less charming than themselves.  They do this to ensure there is little danger of the friend stealing any limelight from the vain Leo.  There I said it oh dear I am going to get some stick from the Leoís I know.  On the other hand you will never be bored with a Leo around.  Sometimes one gets the impression that a Leo never really grows up. 

Leo people are also very caring especially towards the weaker members of society.  They are also very generous. If you are short of cash you can more or less depend on your Leo friend coming up with a loan, that is provided you paid them back for the last one you took, even then if you are in favour, their generosity knows no bounds.  

Leoís, here is where to look for the most harmonious partnerships in friendship and/or marriage.  Try looking for people whose birthdays fall on or between the following dates:-  

Here are the lucky birth dates your 'Soul Mate' is most likely to be born under:-

March 21st and April 21st and between November 21st and December 21st.

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Psychologists have said when you first meet someone it take s on average 4 mins to know if you both get on!!...find out why , how to find the best partner in business or romance here.