Psychologists have said when you first meet someone it take s on average 4 mins to know if you both get on!!...find out why , how to find the best partner in business or romance here.

Sagittarius in Relationships

For more accurate results a personalised 'synastry' analysis which combines the birth data for your chart with that of another's should be drawn up.  This is a better way to highlight the trends and the tendencies for a relationship be it for Business, Friendship or Romance.  

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Relationships with people who have the same Sun sign as yourself often go well initially.   Common ground is established and is usually the cause of the attraction in the first place.  However, it is equally likely to cause the most challenge to a long lasting relationship.  This is because each person has a similar outlook on life and therefore needs to find new experiences with which to grow and develop.  The positions of the Ascendant, Moon, and the rest of the planets at birth will play an important role for both people.

Sagittarians are usually very popular among their associates and have a great capacity for friendship but they are apt to lose friends through lack of tact.  They can be rather blunt at times.  They make good partners in a close personal relationship situation and never shirk the responsibilities of family life, but they often marry unhappily, probably being carried away by a passing impulse.  However, their proud and independent spirit can be depended upon to hide their unhappiness from the eyes of the world, and they will endeavour to make the best of things in order to preserve appearances. 

They are usually fond of the home life, and take a great pride in the comfort and adornment of their homes.  Freedom is important to Sagittarians, so much so that it may inhibit a long-term relationships.  After settling down, however, they are good in the family context, and their enthusiasm can help lift boredom or depression.  Sagittarian will enjoy a friendship or partnership more if they are given a loose rein to enable them to do what they want. Often their ultimate goal is not materialistic but more spiritual.

This is a mutable sign with lots of flexibility to their make-up however, Sagittarians have a strong sense of independence, so it is not easy to trap one. This is not because the male Sagittarian does not like women they just donít like to be tied down. 

Sagittarians find it hard to talk about or to display their feelings, so if you fall in love with one, do not expect to spend your evenings together holding hands and discussing your beautiful future but there is one thing for sure, you will definitely not be bored.   Good friends are often born under the same Sun sign, or at any rate belong to the same element. Sagittarius is a fire sign, so this means that Sagittarians get on well with the other fire signs, Aries and Leo.

Sagittarians usually have lots of friends, because they are so honest about their feelings and opinions.  Even though some people may be taken aback by the Sagittarian's bluntness and outspoken remarks, they soon realise that these are hardly ever ill-meant but can be if they are forced to defend themselves.  Sagittarians are not easily offended, perhaps because they are both optimistic and somewhat naive. 

There is usually always something happening when a Sagittarian is around.  They are always hatching some plot, even their worst ideaís may work this is to do with their ruling planet lucky Jupiter enabling them to succeed where others fail.  They have total faith in their own ideas. As parents, their approach to life means that they encourage their children to be outgoing and this is fine providing a child is not nervous or shy.  

Sagittarius, here is where to look for your most harmonious partnerships in friendship and/or marriage.  Try looking for people whose birthdays fall on or between the following dates:-  

Here are the lucky birth dates your 'Soul Mate' is most likely to be born under:-

March 21st and April 21st, and between 

July 21st and August 21st.

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Psychologists have said when you first meet someone it take s on average 4 mins to know if you both get on!!...find out why , how to find the best partner in business or romance here.